Wolfpackaging Industries, Inc.
Continuously Improving Vending Management
A Total Quality Vending Management Services Company
Wolf Packaging Industries, Inc.


Wolfpackaging Industries, Inc. is a Total Quality Vending Management Services company specializing in multiple-location management for cold drinks, hot beverages, snacks, sandwiches and cafeteria services. Headquartered in North Carolina and incorporated in 1992, Wolfpackaging represents the highest level of performance quality available in the vending services industry.

Our business philosophy is very simple: Selling services is not like selling commodities, which can be stored on a shelf and used at any time. Services are intended to be experienced on a continuous routine basis, so they have to be delivered correctly and reliably, all the time. Continuous improvement in the service sector relies heavily upon great communications, flexibility, rapid response, and a passion for being the best. The Wolfpackaging Managed Care Process makes it possible for us to ensure that degree of excellence and customer satisfaction.

We also believe that achieving quality services is a two-way street of frequent communications between customer and vendor. It is our responsibility to present you with the best possible product selections, equipment, service, business partners and process management. It is your responsibility to communicate your expectations and observations. You can't do that when contacting your vendor is a difficult and uncertain process.

That's why Wolfpackaging gives our customers one toll-free number to call for all your service requests and needs. A real person answers your call and we guarantee a response with real results within 24 hours. Our communication is the key to maintaining continuous improvement and exceeding your expectations.

Meet the Wolfpacking Team

Tiff Hopkins
Lisa Trenum
Chris Harrison

About Our Name

If you're wondering how Wolfpackaging Industries got its name, that must mean you haven't had the opportunity to meet our founder Jerry Baird. Because of his fierce devotion to the NC State University Wolfpack, Jerry is better known as the Wolfman, and Wolfpackaging bears the name of his team. The company was initially involved in product packaging sales, but even after the business quickly shifted into vending services, the distinctive name had permanently stuck. (Rest assured, Wolfpackaging warmly accepts the business of Tar Heels and Blue Devils.)

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